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Clipping Path, an expert clipping path, image retouching, photo enhancement, photo editing service, corporate Identity, raster to vector and graphic design outsourcing service provider. Competitive cost, 100% client satisfaction...

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Clipping4U is working on your job. Relax and counting our turnaround time. We will response before it with best quality.

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Your Satisfaction is our pleasure. Our full dedicated team is ready to serve you 24/7. No Sunday/Christmas or holiday. Service available 24/7- 365 days

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Frequently Ask Question

1. What is clipping path?
In graphics design - clipping path is a closed vector path usually marked to wipe out the background of image. Clipping path is generated using Photoshop pen tool. JPEG, Tiff, Psd files are mostly used for graphics editing. A clipped image can easily be used in catalogs, flyers, posters, magazines or ecommerce website. - Use Photoshop Pen tool to manually draw the Clipping path for Best Output.
2. What is image masking ?
Photoshop Masking service is used to knockout image background of most multifaceted image having hair or fur and in semi transparent objects like glasses, flames, & muslin, etc to be used for ad campaign or ecommerce websites. provide complex masking services such as Fur and Hair Masking, Translucent Masking, Transparent Masking, Alpha Channel Masking and color correction masking for catalogs, magazines & brochure images.
3. How do you do that ? Is that accurate ?
There are many free site, options , magic tool, lasso tool for create clipping path but that image clipping service are not 100% accurate. – use Photoshop pen tool to do clipping path and also – use Photoshop knock out software for 100% perfect image masking service.
4. What about quality ?
At all designers and quality controllers (QC) are specially trained and they are working on the same field for several years. highly trained team can enhance, restore and reconstruct your photo with perfection and mend those critically damaged photographs. We can refine your photos to give flexible and a variety of image editing on services. Moreover, we check all images more than three times before sending to the client.
5. What about price?
Service price depends on the complexity level of your images and the bulk quantity and also happy to know that Graphic designers of are trained to reduce the extra costing which burdens companies that use important staff for Photoshop and Publishing services, You will be very glad to know that, our Clipping path quote starts from only $0.45 USD & you will get a discount for your bulk job.
6. What about turnaround time ( TAT)?
Turnaround time depends on the complexity level of your images and the quantity. Our Team is 24H awake for your assistance and we will confirm you with best quality and TAT (Turn Around Time). Please let us know whichever TAT you need. Our basic turnaround time are 1 hour to 72 hours.
7. Any facility for free trial?
Sure, you can send free trial from our Free Trial Form on our Website. You also can use E-mail, FTP or any other option.
8. How do I send and receive my images?
We have tried our best to setup an easy and flexible upload/ download method. So, you can send and receive your images in three different ways.
  1. FTP account: If you are familiar with FTP, just send a request for an FTP account and we will create it for you within an hour. You can also use your own FTP account if you have any. In such case simply let us know your login details and we will collect your images automatically, whatever the balk size are because We use the server with unlimited disc space and your account or FTP is set to unlimited as well. So, you can upload any amount of file/ file size you want.

    When a large number of files are to be uploaded, FTP server is the ultimate choice. When the client applies for FTP account information, Clipping4u will e-mail the FTP User Name, Password and other related information. This information is personalized, highly confidential and will be shared between the client and the Clipping4u staffs only. Thereafter, the filezilla is downloaded for Windows user, or Fetch Soft works when MAC is used, and then the FTP address, password, and username are entered that are provided in the email.
  2. Email: You can also send your images by email if it is only a few and within your email attachment allowance limit (usually 10MB).
  3. Others: Dropbox , YouSendIt, Wetransfer
9. Are you serving any reputed client?
Yes, Clipping4u - has been serving many reputed clients ( like photographer, studio, online shop, magazine, and many others business owner) at all over the world and glade to say that they are very happy to work with us and also satisfied about our quality.
10. What is the payment method?
There are two payment methods in our company. One is PayPal and another is Bank transfer. You may pay to our bank account in monthly., clipping path, image editing

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