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There’s a debate raging at The Verge, and we need your help. One of The Verge‘s video producers, Nathan Cykiert, thinks 1994 was the best year in film, whereas reporter Arielle Duhaime-Ross is adamant that 1993 was the most epic year of all. It’s a close call — one year had Mrs. Doubtfire and Jurassic Park, while the other featured The Lion King and Shawshank Redemption — but it’s not so close that a web-wide poll can’t settle the argument once and for all. Hear their cases and vote below!

When in doubt, turn to 1993. It was, by far, the best year in film. John Williams redefined the musical score in Schindler’s List that year and Spielberg won his first Oscar for Best Director. Tom Hanks delivered what is arguably one of his most powerful performances in Philadelphiaand Bruce Springsteen’s song for the movie still makes us cry. Harrison Ford made our hearts leap as he jumped off the ledge of a storm drain into raging water in The Fugitive. And Willy the whale made countless children weep as he, too, took the most important leap of his life in the name of freedom. It was a golden year in film. But 1993 didn’t just bring us the action and drama we were craving — it also brought the funny.

That year, we got to see Whoopi Goldberg struggle up a deserted corridor after her students glued her butt to a chair. We smoked up and dissected the patriarchy underlying Gilligan’s Island in Dazed and Confused. We heard the Chicago Cubs’ pitching coach, Brickma, explain the concept of “hot ice” to a confused rookie named Henry Rowengartner. And we giggled as Jack Skellington tried to get the inhabitants of Halloween Town to do Christmas right.

Clearly, 1993 had everything a kid, teenager, or adult could ever ask for — even Robin Williams in drag. Heck, if it wasn’t for The Sandlot, an entire generation of kids would never have known that Babe Ruth was also nicknamed “The Great Bambino.” For that alone, we should be thankful.


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