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Being a Full-Time designer can be tough at times, you get times where clients just don’t have the money to pay you right away or you go through a patch where you don’t have enough client work to keep your bills paid and may even have to rely on credit cards from the UK.

However, there is a solution, a few in fact. Designers are creative people who love to create things, so why not create things and put them to good use? I have listed 10 Ways a Designer can make some Extra Money each month, putting in effort towards these different things can get you pretty far and well known in the design industry and it will definitely earn you some extra money.

Sell Stock Photography Online

If your’re a designer I am sure you have a camera, so why not put it to good use then. Go out and take some photos of things or places, their are loads of things you can take pictures of, just use your imagination. When taking the photos think of shots that you would purchase to use for a design or get printed at a Printing Company, the idea is to photograph something useful that everyone would be able to use. You can Sell Stock Photography Online via some of the services I have listed below:




These are just 3 Sites I mentioned where you can sell Stock Photos Online.

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