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Advanced Tips for Tack Sharp Images

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One very common question I get from photographers is why they can never get their images as sharp as the ones they see online. This is a loaded question, and it really made me think about all the things I go through to get tack sharp focus on my images. Sure there are the obvious tips like holding the camera properly, squeezing the shutter instead of stabbing it, tucking your elbows in, and so on. The truth is, that is just the beginning to taking sharper photographs.

Let me start off by saying that I still take blurry images from time to time. All professional photographers do. The only difference is that we don’t post them online! However, I will also bet that I take far less than most other photographers, and there are clear reasons as to why. Getting sharp images involves a combination of a few different techniques, and when put together they will produce a far higher success rate of sharp images.

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The disadvantages of digital photography are numerous and varied and it is important to know what they are as in today’s high-tech world the advantages are pushed at us through advertising and the media.

This list is not designed to put you off but to make you aware before you buy so you can make an informed decision.

Cost: the outlay for a digital camera is initially more expensive than a similar-quality film camera. You will also need to invest in memory cards which can be quite expensive. You may find that the memory card you used with one digital camera, is not suitable for your new one.

two digital cameras photographs

Complexity: if you have a digital camera, you need to be able to use a computer to upload and manage your images. If you are not confident with computers then a learning curve awaits you. You may also need to learn how to use software such as Photoshop to improve the quality of your images which means more time spent on the learning curve. A digital camera is really a computer too albeit with a lens on the front so you need to be prepared to spend time reading the manual to learn how to get the most out of all the different functions and controls.

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I’m so excited to share this interview with you today because it’s with a photographer who has been an influential mentor and teacher to me over the last few years. Matt McDaniel of Matty Photography, recently opened a brand new 3000 square foot studio in downtown Tacoma, Washington where he creates awesomeness every day. In just a few short years, Matt transformed his weekend hobby into a full-time career creating demand for his unique, high-end portraiture and commercial photography. Read on for a lot of wisdom and inspirational motivation to quit your day job…

What got you started in photography? 
In a previous life, I was an I.T. professional. Alongside managing computers and networks for the companies I worked for, I provided web and graphic design services. It was my creative outlet at the time. One day the marketing manager stuck their head in my office door and asked me if I knew how to take pictures. At the time, I worked for a high-end boat manufacturing business, and I knew if I said “yes” to the question it would mean I’d get to go spend time outside playing on the premium, open-water boats in the bay. An easy choice really, spending time stuffed in an office or playing on boats out in the sun? They handed me an entry level DSLR, a couple lenses, and I learned as I went. Read the rest of this entry »



A fisherman on the Li River outside Xingping, Guilin Province, ChinaCormorant Fisherman 1 by Garret Suhrie

I was backpacking through China and had always wanted to see the amazing mountain karsts around the Li River. On the way in to town, I spotted many fishermen dotting the river. After a day or two of hiking the region and getting the lay of the land, I found a fisherman on the river bank who was headed out for a night fishing session and though there was a bit of a language barrier, through sign language and a flash of cash he agreed to take me with him and let me photograph him at work for a few hours. He had a pair of cormorant birds with him which were his fishing partners. With a loose noose around their neck they would swim in the river and catch a fish, which they couldn’t swallow due to the string. He’d then pull the fish from the birds’ mouth.

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5 Easy Photoshop Tips for Beginners

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Photoshop has changed the way we transform our imagination. If you are into any digital workplace, learning Photoshop can be a great help. Photoshop today is certainly a centre of creativity to which almost every digital domain; from web designing to animation; from photography to digital magazine, is deeply connected. Today, when it comes to photography, it is not possible to imagine it without Photoshop.



Good Photoshop skills can’t make a mediocre picture perfect unless you are into manipulation. However, it can certainly help you to enhance your best photo into an amazing masterpiece. Learning Photoshop is a slow process, and you should try it with enough practice, after all it is a digital art.

In this article I will walk you through some basic Photoshop retouching skills. These 5 easy Photoshop tips for beginners will be a great start to learning to proces your photographs.

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Improve your landscape photography skills with these must-know tips for breathtaking landscape photos.

1. Shoot about 30 minutes before and after sunset.

A sunset is a great thing to capture, but even if you’re not shooting the sunset but instead shooting at a 90-degree angle to the sunset or even shooting with the sunset at your back, having that subtle light brings out the colors in landscape photos. Most outdoor photography magazines won’t even consider shots that haven’t been shot around this time, as well as before/after sunrise.



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