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4 ways to keep your body strong as you age

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Though it’s difficult to imagine ourselves in old age, the attention we devote to building and maintaining four crucial muscle areas today will make a significant difference 20, 30 or 40 years down the road when it comes to carrying out even basic actions such as walking and bending.

In fact, our skeletal muscles—the fibres anchored to our bones and tendons that enable both motion and force—are integral to how we function. If we don’t take care of these muscles, which start to deteriorate as young as age 25, we’re at risk of injury, as well as a range of problems from incontin­ence to weak bones to increased risk for falls—which often reduces lifespan in those over age 65.


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The glamour of playing professional football can fade fast and hard once an athlete’s career is over, a new study suggests.

Chronic pain from injuries sustained during a career, plus levels of depression comparable to the general population that can be aggravated by that injury-related pain, can make the transition to retirement difficult for many players, University of Michigan researchers report. Read the rest of this entry »