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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-2015

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Christmas brings family and friends together. It helps us appreciate the love in our lives we often take for granted. May the true meaning of the holiday season fill your heart and home with many blessings. And Happy New Year -2015



You don’t need a home photo studio to take great portrait pictures. You can get beautiful portrait shots using natural light from a window. In this window light photography tutorial we’ll show you six ways to get striking – and very different – results with your subject.

Window light photography: 6 striking ways to light portraits

The light levels from a window are lower, so you may need to bump up the ISO or use a tripod.

The principles are much the same as those for studio photography – it’s all about the direction of the light and its ‘quality’, or how soft it is as it falls on your subject’s face.

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Background Eraser Tool

If you want to remove a background from an image you’re working on, there are many ways to do this using Photoshop. You could select the object you’re interested in, copy and paste it to a new layer. Another way to do it is to use the Background Eraser tool. This tool samples the color at the center of the brush and then deletes pixels of a similar color as you “paint.”

1. Start by opening an image that you want to remove the background from.


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how to improve your blog, food, and product photography

If there’s one thing that convinces people to click through and check out a new blog, it’s great photos. The exact same project that gets thousands (or millions) of views when photographed well will get completely ignored if photographed badly. Drool-worthy pictures of food, craft projects staged on a pretty mantel, and clothes modeled by super cute kids all make us more likely to check out the actual post. I’m by no means a pro when it comes to product photography, but I’ve learned a few things in the past year and a half that I thought I’d pass along. Even if you aren’t a blogger, chances are you occasionally want to photograph something you’ve made, whether it’s Thanksgiving dinner or a first day of school outfit. Keep reading for 5 ways to improve your food, product, and blog photos.

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Professional photographers are paid to take photographs of all manners of subjects. They should know how to operate a camera and related equipment to produce unique images that meet a variety of needs. Although photography degree programs are available, most photographers learn by doing. Many work independently, but staff positions are usually available in media organizations.

Professional Photographer Job Description

Professional photographers combine technical proficiency with artistry to create images of people, animals, events and objects. Like most artists, they attempt to portray feelings, thoughts and other information without the use of words. Their basic equipment includes a camera, one or more lenses and illumination devices, which they use to record the elements of light and composition in unique and creative ways.

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Hungarian inventor and architect Erno Rubik celebrates the 40th anniversary of his famed toy cube at a special exhibit in Jersey City


 Invented in 1974 by Professor Erno Rubik, the Rubik’s cube was an instant success when it was first exported from Hungary in 1980, becoming the world’s fastest-selling toy.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary the 69-year-old Hungarian inventor paired up with Liberty Science Centre in Jersey City, US, for a special exhibition of the toy puzzle.

Titled Beyond Rubik’s Cube the exhibition explores the humble beginnings of the cube, showing its first prototypes made out of wood and rubber bands.

It also houses the world’s most expensive Rubik’s Cube ever made, an 18 karat gold cube set with 1,360 jewels, including white diamonds, green emeralds, red rubies, blue and yellow sapphires and purple amethysts, estimated to be worth £1.5 million.

Professor Rubik said that after spending most of his adult life with the cube, he now sees it as his eldest child.




Why do Photographers Use Such Large Flashes?

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There are times as a photographer when you need that added burst of light. The three most common options are the built-in on-camera flash [small], an external flash [bigger] (such as a Nikon or Canon speedlight), or a studio strobe [biggest]. Generally, you will see professional photographers using external flashes or studio strobes instead of the built-in on-camera flash. Why is this?


.The on-camera pop-up flash is handy because there’s nothing extra to carry around with you. However, it produces flat light that can be harsh and unflattering. It also has a limited range, making it impractical to shoot things far away. Red-eye, something you commonly see when photos are taken with the built-in on-camera flash, is also unflattering and something we want to avoid. There are some things you can do to improve your pop-up flash photography, but you still won’t see the kind of results an external flash or studio strobe can give.

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Jennifer Lopez joined American Idol as a judge in 2011, hosted for two seasons, and left—only to come back to the show this January. Weird.While we don’t know how much money J.Lo’s making for her return, we do know this: Season 13 of American Idol is all about J.Lo’s fashions. (Maybe that’s in her contract? They can’t say no to anything she wears, no matter how much of the spotlight it steals?)

In neon leather, gold sequins, and over-the-knee boots, J.Lo’s pulling out all the stops, sartorially, to make herself the star of the show—and it’s been really, really fun to watch. Click through to see her standout looks, from Tom Ford dresses to metallic Lanvin blouses.