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How to Deal with Office Gossip

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No one gossips about other people’s secret virtues. ~ Bertrand Russell
Gossip is as old as communications and no workplace is immune from it. This article discusses some of the ways in which you can deal with and challenge a culture of workplace gossiping.

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  3. Know what gossip is. Friendly work banter and gossip are worlds apart. But how do you tell the difference? Consider the following:
    • Discussion: A friendly work discussion that talks about others keeps the references to other people general, friendly and supportive. The speaker is not obsessed with picking holes in another person’s character but is merely imparting information about what another person or people have done in a matter-of-fact way, to further an objective, work-related conversation and to enlighten the listener about work relevant information;
    • Gossip: Gossip tends to be talk that gains attention for the speaker. The speaker will often adopt a confidential tone and is using the information about somebody else to be the center of attention and will impart the details in a way that tries to undermine the credibility or likability of another person. The details may be given with moralizing undertones and character assassination may be the top of the gossip’s agenda. Often you are told more personal details than you care to know about. The motivations behind gossip include attention-seeking, self-inflation, exaggeration and a me-versus-them mentality;
    • Grapevine gossip: This is gossip pertaining to general change occurring within a workplace. Someone started it and now it is running about like wildfire. Usually this happens in an uncertain environment and is fueled by fear, poor communications from management levels and wild guesses by staff. It is less personal than gossip attacking another person but is as equally damaging and demoralizing.
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    Don’t take work gossip to heart. A lot of work gossip is just that – gossip. It is filled with innuendo, rumors, errors and even deliberately malicious nonsense. Take it with a pinch of salt rather than reacting personally or defensively. There is no doubt that gossip must be dealt with strongly and immediately but it will not help your situation as a team leader or colleague to take it personally. Focus instead on the reality that there is an underlying reason or series of reasons causing the gossip and focus on dealing with it objectively as a task rather than as a personal attack to be foiled in an emotional or angry manner.

  5. Deal with Office Gossip Step 3.jpg

    Arm yourself with the facts. Is there truth to the tall tales? Sometimes there is a kernel of truth and this should be uncovered before addressing the problem so that you are well placed to respond with facts rather than emotions. This is especially important in relation to change management gossip where wild ideas take root quickly and spread even faster; look for factual answers by asking questions of the right people, namely, those who are in a position to give definitive and accurate answers. You may also need to seek additional facts from trustworthy sources such as internal bulletins, official publications and meeting minutes if there is gossip about changes or redundancies that might sideswipe your response.

  6. Deal with Office Gossip Step 4.jpg

    Assess the context. Which type of gossip are you dealing with – personal gossip or workplace change gossip? Both require fast and firm treatment to prevent staff morale from plummeting. The following two steps address each type.

  7. Deal with Office Gossip Step 5.jpg

    Address workplace change gossip with speed, supportiveness and honesty.During times of rapid change and uncertainty in a workplace, gossip will naturally increase due to fear and anticipated negative outcomes. It is important to realize this and to sort the fear factor from the facts. If you are a team leader, be a source of reassurance to your team by acknowledging their fears and worries. Armed with prior researched facts, tell them what you do know; equally tell them what you don’t know and do not make things up. When you don’t know something, tell them that you’ll find out. Be the rock that supports them and diverts gossip back on itself.

  8. Deal with Office Gossip Step 6.jpg

    Challenge a personal gossiper directly. Some people gossip because they enjoy it or they feel insecure about others in the workplace. Most gossipers are pure attention-seekers. A persistent and long-term gossiper must be stopped in their tracks by calling their bluff. View such people as attention-seekers and give them some attention within limits by hearing them out in a closed-door meeting:

    • Inform the gossiper that you want to know what is really bothering them. Ask them why they are telling you the information (that you perceive as gossip). Forcing them to explain will cause them to realize that you have seen through their muckraking for what it is.
    • Another tactic is to inform the gossiper that you are prepared to follow up the gossip with the targeted person. This will let the gossiper know that the information is going back to the targeted party and the gossiper will likely retract or apologize.
    • Be positive and genuinely seek to assist the gossiper. Engage the gossiper in a conversation that lets them air their real grievances and be understanding but firm in your responses. Maybe they are peeved that they missed out on a training or promotion opportunity; maybe they are annoyed that the victim of the gossip has a special work deal or work hours that they also want to have. Dig a little deeper and see if there is a fair solution that can be reached.
    • Be realistic. If the gossiper sees your direct approach of fair discussion as threatening and refuses to be forthcoming in what is really bugging them, be firm in letting them know that the gossip must stop. Often confronting a gossiper in this direct manner is enough to alert them to stop; or they may choose to move on under their own steam. At the end of the day, however, it may be necessary to make it clear that gossip is not tolerated at all at work, to the extent of letting go of a person who persists in this behavior.
    • Remember the “kernel of truth” mentioned above. Whilst it is not appropriate to assume that the target of the gossip is deserving of the muckraking, sometimes the gossip’s loose talk might have pointed out a weakness in a work practice or a person’s skills that may need attending to. Do some discreet homework to see if perhaps there is need for improved communications, some staff training or other means for improving work morale that might have been overlooked in general. In other words, look for some positives a midst the negative situation that will allow your team and workplace to self-improve as a result.
  9. Deal with Office Gossip Step 7.jpg

    Don’t participate in work gossip. If you participate in work gossip, you perpetuate it and you belittle yourself. In particular, if you have leadership aspirations, or you are already in a position of leadership, any participation in work gossip by you will be viewed negatively and as anti-team spirited. Always ask yourself about your motivation when discussing others in a personal way within the work context; if you are talking about them to ingratiate yourself with others or to make yourself appear better, than it is likely that you are gossiping.

  10. Deal with Office Gossip Step 8.jpg

    Make it company policy to discourage gossip. It is important that staff members are aware of how gossip is treated in your company. Make this a constructive and positive policy, however, by showing what employees should do rather than telling what not to do. For example, provide examples of what your workplace considers to be gossip and provide examples of how to avoid this type of negative interaction.





There’s a debate raging at The Verge, and we need your help. One of The Verge‘s video producers, Nathan Cykiert, thinks 1994 was the best year in film, whereas reporter Arielle Duhaime-Ross is adamant that 1993 was the most epic year of all. It’s a close call — one year had Mrs. Doubtfire and Jurassic Park, while the other featured The Lion King and Shawshank Redemption — but it’s not so close that a web-wide poll can’t settle the argument once and for all. Hear their cases and vote below!

When in doubt, turn to 1993. It was, by far, the best year in film. John Williams redefined the musical score in Schindler’s List that year and Spielberg won his first Oscar for Best Director. Tom Hanks delivered what is arguably one of his most powerful performances in Philadelphiaand Bruce Springsteen’s song for the movie still makes us cry. Harrison Ford made our hearts leap as he jumped off the ledge of a storm drain into raging water in The Fugitive. And Willy the whale made countless children weep as he, too, took the most important leap of his life in the name of freedom. It was a golden year in film. But 1993 didn’t just bring us the action and drama we were craving — it also brought the funny.

That year, we got to see Whoopi Goldberg struggle up a deserted corridor after her students glued her butt to a chair. We smoked up and dissected the patriarchy underlying Gilligan’s Island in Dazed and Confused. We heard the Chicago Cubs’ pitching coach, Brickma, explain the concept of “hot ice” to a confused rookie named Henry Rowengartner. And we giggled as Jack Skellington tried to get the inhabitants of Halloween Town to do Christmas right.

Clearly, 1993 had everything a kid, teenager, or adult could ever ask for — even Robin Williams in drag. Heck, if it wasn’t for The Sandlot, an entire generation of kids would never have known that Babe Ruth was also nicknamed “The Great Bambino.” For that alone, we should be thankful.



Robin Williams, the Vulnerable Showman

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Every writer fears the blank page. Every comedian dreads silence at the end of a punch line. Every creative soul quivers at the prospect of brush touching canvas or fingers reaching for keyboards and finding — nothing.

In all the tributes to the propulsive force of genius that was Robin Williams, in all the helpful pivots from a celebrity’s suicide to the larger issue of depression that cripples millions, we may have forgotten one obvious thing about him. Williams was a showman — perhaps the most vulnerable of public persons. And in the digital age, when trolls can make a piñata of even the most gifted performers, the pressure on those on stage or in the arena has never been greater. Nor has the arc from triumph to tragedy been shorter.

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2013 Jeffrey Fashion Cares Photo by Ben Rose



After working at Donna Karan and Barneys New York in New York City, Jeffrey Kalinsky moved to Atlanta in 1990 to open a Bob Ellis shoe store with his father. He eventually opened two namesake boutiques in Atlanta and New York, respectively, but Kalinsky is perhaps best known for Jeffrey Fashion Cares Atlanta, an annual benefit founded to raise awareness for those living with HIV/AIDS and members of the LGBT community. The event has raised more than $11 million in its 21-year history, an anniversary Kalinsky feted on Monday at the American Cancer Society in Atlanta (a New York version of the event celebrated its 10th edition earlier this year). In honor of the anniversary, Kalinsky spoke to TIME about philanthropy, his favorite emerging designers and the quintessential Jeffrey woman.


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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might be the only guy ever to wear a fanny pack who deserves your respect. A throwback fashion statement is just one of the gems you get if you mine The Rock’s Instagram feed these days.

Many photos offered up by the pro wrestler turned action film star show him pumping iron to maintain and even enhance the physique necessary to pull off the title role in “Hercules” (in theaters Friday). He told TODAY on Tuesday that while training in Budapest, he was “working out twice a day for six months,” and he’d start at 3:30 a.m.

Mix in shots of the actor holding a koala or playing patty cake with a young girl, and it’s clear there’s a softer side to The Rock.

WATCH: Dwayne Johnson tells TODAY he ‘was born to play’ Hercules

“Always be the hardest worker in the room,” Johnson said on this photo, one of many taken in a gym. Our arms hurt typing this.

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How to Become a Fashion Designer

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There is no formal education or certification required to become a successful fashion designer, but that doesn’t make the feat any easier. You will need to have a combination of drawing, sewing, and design skills, a knowledge of the fashion industry, and unparalleled perseverance. A few ideas to help you get started are outlined in this article.

Part 1 of 5: Honing Your Fashion Design SkillsBecome a Fashion Designer Step 1 Version 2.jpg


  1. Develop your skills. Successful fashion designers have a wide array of skills, including drawing, an eye for color and texture, an ability to visualize concepts in three dimensions, and the mechanical skills involved in sewing and cutting all types of fabrics.[1]
    Get excellent sewing tuition if you haven’t already learned this skill well. Being able to sew difficult fabric under challenging situations will stand you in excellent stead throughout your career but you need to work at it – it’s a skill that doesn’t come easily to many people.
    Understand how fabrics move, drape, breathe, react when worn, etc. Your in-depth knowledge of fabric is absolutely essential to using it properly when designing. Also know where to source materials from.
    Learn from existing designers, not just who they are, but their backgrounds, their signature style, the learning that they undertook, where they studied. Knowing this will help you to be a better designer yourself, as you can borrow and build on their ideas.
    Learn how to create storyboards and product ranges. Be good at researching trends through media, comparative shopping and trade shows.
    Start developing these skills at a young age. Be prepared to devote hours of time to perfecting your craft.
  2. Become a Fashion Designer Step 2 Version 2.jpg

    Learn more. If you can, it makes good sense to get a diploma or degree in fashion design or a related program. You’ll learn a great deal, make excellent early contacts and have ample opportunity to show off your skills in a less judgmental environment (although still be prepared to be critiqued!) Do one (or both) of the following:

    • Get a degree in fashion design. Most programs are three or four years long.FIDM and Parsons are two of the most popular design schools in the United States. You will study drawing, color and composition, pattern-making, and draping.[2] In addition to learning practical skills like these, you will also be working with industry professionals who may serve as important contacts in the future and who can give you first-hand advice and feedback on your work.
    • Apply for an internship or apprenticeship. If school is not for you, or if you simply feel that real-world experience will be of more benefit to you, then find a fashion internship. You will need to have an impressive portfolio to apply and be willing to start at the bottom; interns are often given menial tasks like getting coffee. Again, the connections you make through your internship or apprenticeship will be vital as you pursue your career in fashion, and working with industry professionals will give you an opportunity to pick up important skills first-hand.

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Fashionable bridesmaid dresses coming right up! »

Weddings are S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L. Between the vows, venue, flowers, food, guest list and gown, wedding plans have a way of taking over your life. And maybe that’s to be expected…a little. After all, it’s your wedding. You want it to be great! And that’s why you’ve asked some of your closest friends (and that one cousin your mom insisted you include) to be a special part of the big day. But how stressful do you want your wedding plans to be for them?

They’re already planning the shower and the bachelorette party and have marked off a big summer weekend to celebrate your love. Are you really going to make them do it in something that looks like leftover curtain fabric? We’ve assembled a handy list of beautiful, flattering, fashionable bridesmaid dresses that won’t make anyone rethink that fateful day their friend requested them after a second-year keg party. And these dresses will look gorgeous grouped together next to you and your life-partner-to-be! To keep things extra-friendly, we’ve included cheaper versions of dresses over $150. Celebrating your union shouldn’t leave anyone bankrupt, and it doesn’t have to!

Another option, and one that’s often forgotten, is letting your friends choose their own fashionable bridesmaid dresses. This is the holy grail of bridesmaids’ experiences. It’s so unbelievably hard to find a dress that works on all body types and with all skin tones and makes everyone feel equally comfortable. Letting your individual friends pick their own dresses is really the only way to 100% guarantee everyone’s happiness. This might mean letting go of plans you had for photos or a colour scheme, but isn’t it ultimately better to have everyone around you as happy as possible on the so-called happiest day of your life? THINK ABOUT IT.






Manchester City’s Fernandinho has found himself the subject of criticism after his tough treatment of Colombia star man James Rodriguez at the World Cup on Friday night.

The Blues midfielder, who had an excellent game overall, committed a number of fouls on the tournament’s top scorer in his role as defensive midfielder but escaped any sanction from referee Carlos Velasco Carballo.

Rodriguez said afterwards: “I think the referee influenced the game a lot, but that is how it is and we need to look forward.”

The game lost its flow after the break and in total there were 54 fouls awarded (31 committed by Brazil).

One of them, by Juan Zuniga, resulted in a fractured vertabra for Brazil star Neymar and has probably ended his tournament.

Check out a gallery of Fernandinho’s performance plus one of a giant bug that landed on Rodriguez’ shoulder




celebrity style june 27

See our top 10 best dressed »

The first week of summer has been red carpet packed. And where a red carpet lays, you better bet there will be a stacked A-list to walk it. From Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning in night and day outfits (per usual) to the seemingly casual Diane Kruger andKeri Russell in resort-clad attire, we wrap up this week with our list of the top 10 best-dressed celebs.

The stars of summer’s much-anticipated Transformers: Age of Extinction have been quite the globetrotters this past week travelling from Shanghai to New York to promote the fourth installment of the blockbuster franchise. Known for its babely actresses (Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington-Whitely starred in the previous films), Nicola Peltzis the up and coming star you want to keep a lookout for. While the blonde starlet shimmered in a blue column dress, Li Bingbing, one of China’s biggest actresses, takes Hollywood by storm in nothing but standout outfits including this stellar Giambattista Valli Couture gown.

Keira Knightley is rarely in the spotlight, but when she is, you know you won’t be disappointed when it comes to her red carpet wardrobe. While the British actress turned the Tribeca Film Festival into a Chanel Couture fest, Knightley showed up at the the New York premiere of Begin Again wearing back-to-back-to-back on trend pieces (that may or may not exceed past her $50,000 allowance #celebrityperks) including two gorgeous Valentino dresses and a metallic number by Erdem for the after party.




Style setters: Mats Hummels, Keisuke Honda, Andrea Pirlo, Daniel Sturridge and Sergio Ramos.
Style setters: Mats Hummels, Keisuke Honda, Andrea Pirlo, Daniel Sturridge and Sergio Ramos. Photograph: guardian

Goalkeeper Iker Casillas, Spain



Iker Casillas.

Iker Casillas. Photograph: Europa PressA bit like a better-looking Frank Lampard. The best eyebrows in the business make him this World Cup‘s Cara Delevingne.

Centre back Sergio Ramos, Spain


Sergio Ramos.

Sergio Ramos. Photograph: Europa PressVery handsome. Looked great with long hair, now rocking a buzz-cut side, mohawk top combination with aplomb. Standard footballer cheesy dress sense, to be honest, but you can’t have everything.

Centre back Mats Hummels, Germany

Mats Hummels.

Mats Hummels. Photograph: Getty ImageBoris StreubelsHis Panini sticker looks like a pin-up. A penchant for charcoal pashminas and simple grey marl cotton give him a more soulful air than your average meathead footballer.

Left back David Luiz, Brazil


David Luiz.

David Luiz. Photograph: Graham Chadwick/Daily Mail/REXFlamboyant hair and a winning smile. Also, was doing the tongue-out pose in photographs when Miley Cyrus was still Hannah Montana. Which is not necessarily a good thing, but makes him an early adopter.

Right back Gerard Piqué, Spain


Gerard Piqué.

Gerard Piqué. Photograph: Europa PressA penchant for dodgy, faux-distressed jeans (Shakira, love, have a word!) but redeems himself with the navy polo tops, checked shirts and classic car coats. Has the unshaven look down to a fine art.

Centre midfield Andrea Pirlo, Italy


Andrea Pirlo.

Andrea Pirlo. Photograph: Olycom SPA/REXElegantly tousled hair and the urbane air of a man who would know his way around a wine list rather than spray champagne over your head. His Italian aesthetic – blazers, coloured knitwear, loafers – stands out against a sea of commercial sportswear. See: this photo, Instagrammed by fellow Juventus player Kwadwo Asamoah.

Centre midfield Ross Barkley, England


Ross Barkley.

Ross Barkley. Photograph: Greig Cowie/BPI/REXTurned up fashionably late for the team bus, causing a traffic jam in Rioon the squad’s first day in the city. The Naomi Campbell of this World Cup? Also, good hair – and his mum, Diane, cuts it.

Left midfield Neymar, Brazil


Neymar. Photograph: Mike Hewitt – FifaHe has what it takes to really own a World Cup. A distinctive hairstyle: very short on the sides, long and blown forward on top (think: Scott Parker with a hairdryer pointed at the back of his head). On the cover of this month’s Vogue Brazil with his arm around Gisele Bundchen, so expect lucrative underwear campaigns folllowing a successful tournament.

Right midfield Miralem Pjanic, Bosnia & Herzigovina


Miralem Pjanic.

Miralem Pjanic. Photograph: Tiziana FabiHandsome (very). Also, time at Roma has given him a debonair aptitude with a casually draped woollen scarf. Sadly, however, the Brazilian climate is unlikely to be suitable for that particular talent to shine.

Centre forward Daniel Sturridge


Daniel Sturridge.

Daniel Sturridge. Photograph: David M. Benett

The only footballer in the England squad who appears even vaguely aware of youth culture beyond the Kiss FM playlist and Mahiki VIP room. He wears Kanye West designed Nike high-tops, sweatshirts by Opening Ceremony and uses filters on his hotel room Instagrams of Steven Gerrard. Respect.

Centre forward Keisuke Honda, Japan


Keisuke Honda.

Keisuke Honda. Photograph: Sports NipponPlatinum blond crop and a dress sense honed playing in Milan. Recently seen in a spotted bow tie on the cover of GQ Japan, and doing the airport paparazzi promenade in a navy peacoat with herringbone cashmere scarf. One to watch.Source:

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